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What Are The Best Paid Construction Jobs?

The construction industry offers a wide range of jobs to suit individuals from all backgrounds. If you’ve been wondering what the best paid construction jobs in the UK are, keep reading as we reveal the jobs you’ll want to aim for in order to receive the top pay and benefits!

Construction Manager

A construction manager takes on a lot of responsibility during a project but is well rewarded with an average salary of £55,000. They will oversee all of the elements of a project to ensure it is completed to budget and schedule. Health and safety is a huge focus for a construction manager, so you’ll need to be highly experienced in the industry to avoid issues. A construction manager is also responsible for looking after a team of staff, including sub-contractors and employed staff.

Commercial Manager

Commercial managers focus on the financial side of a construction project, with an average salary of £57,000 for a commercial manager, increasing to £66,000 for a senior commercial manager. They’ll work with the stakeholders to ensure all contractual obligations are met and work to reduce financial risks during a project. You’ll be responsible for reporting on the project and signing off final accounts. This job is primarily available within larger companies and big building projects, which require multiple managers to oversee the work.

Design Manager

If you have a passion for designing new buildings, you might want to consider pursuing a career as a design manager. These positions command an average salary of £62,000, rising to £70,000 for a senior design manager. You’ll oversee a team of designers who work on every aspect of an upcoming building project. Design managers work alongside architects and engineers to create effective designs that are realistic to build on the site you are working on. As well as working on the initial design, design managers play an important part in maintaining a site and working with sub-contractors to manage the building process.

Quantity Surveyor

One of the best paid construction jobs in the UK is a Quantity Surveyor. The average salary for this role is £37,000, but it increases to £57,000 upon promotion. This is a varied role that includes financial planning, project management, and overseeing contracts. You’ll have to ensure that invoices and cash flow are well managed so that no issues appear later on in the work. In order to succeed in this role, you’ll have to have a good understanding of finances and maths and be well organised to keep the project on track.

Site Engineer

Within the engineering side of construction jobs, working as a site engineer can be a rewarding career. A site engineer will receive an average payment of £37,000 – £52,000 a year, but this increases if you work as a senior site engineer. You’ll be part of the design team and will supervise any sub-contractors you have working on the project. As well as the organisation aspect of the job, safety is another critical part of the daily work of a site engineer. You’ll have to ensure that fencing and structures are secure at all times to reduce the chance of an incident happening on your site.

Contracts Manager

For individuals who are passionate about pursuing a management career, working as a project manager is one of the highest-paid construction jobs in the UK. The average salary is around £58,000, but senior project managers often receive £75,000 or more. The salary will naturally depend on the company you work for and the project you are working on. Project managers focus on the construction elements of the project, making sure the build runs to schedule and budget. They often have a similar job description to that of a construction manager and will oversee a large team of employees and sub-contractors.

Site Manager

The last job we’d like to highlight today is that of a site manager. Site managers oversee production on a site, and they are responsible for the overall standard of the build. The salary will be dependent on the type of construction projects you are working on, but the average salary for an experienced site manager is £52,000. Health and safety is once again a huge part of this role, so you will need to have a strong understanding of this area in order to succeed.


With so many different high paying construction jobs to choose from, there is something for everyone to consider for their future career. By finding a job that you are passionate about and that challenges you, you’ll be able to find a fulfilling job role that you’ll enjoy working in for decades to come.

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