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How Useful is a Construction Management Degree?

When considering a career in construction, one of the questions we are most commonly asked is whether a construction management degree is worth the time and effort. Many people looking to get into construction wonder how useful a construction management degree is, in this blog you’ll find out.

Work With More Prestigious Companies

If you are looking to set yourself up for a lifelong career in the construction industry, you’ll find that a construction management degree is the way to go. Larger firms often require their managers to have a degree. This can result in a better salary and benefits for you, as well as the chance to work on more exciting and demanding projects. While the few years of studying may seem like a sacrifice for now, the long term benefits of this degree will far outweigh it.

Furthering Your Education and Knowledge with a Construction Management Degree

One of the top benefits of a construction management degree is the extra knowledge and education you will gain from your years of studying. While you can certainly gain on the job experience, you’ll find that you are better equipped to deal with the challenges of working in a management role. You’ll study best practices and business decision-making for a wide range of scenarios. When it comes to making crucial decisions as a manager, those with a degree often find themselves able to think critically and make the right choices for the task at hand.

Long-Term Career Options

There’s no denying that many construction roles are incredibly tough on the body. After a decade or so of working in a manual job, you may find that your body can’t take it any longer. For that reason, studying for a construction management degree can help you to work your way up in companies. You’ll find that your time working on physical tasks will be greatly reduced, which you’ll appreciate when you enter your 40s and beyond. The mental challenges of working in a management role will also keep you engaged and stimulated for many years, offering you a fulfilling career in the industry.

Keeping Up With Current Industry Trends

The construction industry is constantly changing and adapting to the world around us. An individual with a construction management degree is likely to be more aware of the environmental impacts of construction projects. You’ll be able to apply your knowledge to any project that you work on to ensure you are minimising your impact on the world around you. As a graduate of one of the country’s top universities, you can ensure that the buildings you work on in the future are safe and comfortable for everyone who will live in them. You’ll also be more aware of new technology and how you can incorporate it into future projects.


What Jobs Does a Construction Management Degree Unlock?

Now that we’ve explored the top benefits of a construction management degree, let’s take a look at what job roles it could lead to. One of the most common roles that individuals with this qualification pursue is working as a project manager. You’ll find that this varies greatly depending on the size of the project and the type of building you are working on. Project management is an exciting role that involves leading a large team of employees. No two days will be the same in this job role, and you’ll use every aspect of your studies to make the best decisions for the project.


Other popular job roles that you might find yourself working in include construction management or facilities management. You could also work as a consultant on future building projects, sharing your expertise with companies that are looking to make changes to their way of working. Your degree will also unlock the option of working as a building control surveyor or estates manager. If you pursue further studies in specialist areas, you might also want to consider working as a fire risk assessor, sustainability consultant or building services engineer. With so many options to choose from, it’s no surprise that this is becoming a degree that is attracting more attention year after year.


There are so many advantages of studying for a construction management degree. If you are looking to enter the construction industry, we highly recommend taking this route to set you up for a long and successful career. You’ll find that many of the country’s top universities offer this degree, and it’s worth researching the funding and student loan options that are on offer to you before starting your studies.

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